Arch Linux: Fluxbox and removable media

Here’s a great tip to enable the automatic mounting of usb-sticks, ipods and other removeable media.
I think you need to have at least the following services installed: hal, dbus, gnome-volume-manager, gnome-settings-manager, nautilus.
Better yet, just install the whole gnome kit-‘n-kaboodle, because that’s what I did and it works for me. Nice to have as a fallback anyway, or when you feel like using something else for a change.

Now open up the ~/.fluxbox/startup file and add the following line:
/opt/gnome/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon &
/opt/gnome/bin/gnome-volume-manager &

Oh, and also make sure you’re a member of the optical, floppy, and storage groups! (hint: gpasswd -a [username] [groupname]) And that’s all! Now when you plug that usb stick in, it will get automounted to /media and nautilus will pop-up with the contents. Isn’t that nice?


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