Goodbye Fedora, hello Ubuntu …

Fedora is not for me, sorry. Wireless problems. I cannot change the order in which the services start, either through a menu interface, or an intuitive drag-and-drop system. So I cannot make wpa_supplicant start in time before the networks are initialised.

I have found but a few usefull suggestions on the internet and either none of them apply to my setup, or they are not acceptable solutions to me. For example, using this networkmanager everybody seems to love is right out. This is a big heavy pc we are talking about, not some “Centrino” 2 ounce laptop thing you can keep in your shirtpocket and walk from hotspot to hotspot. Besides that, I tried networkmanager and it didn’t work anyway. It’s still beta software after all. So there you have it.

I do not make any illusions about Ubuntu, I think it will be difficult to get it just the way I like it. Any Linux system you’re not familiar with will give you some problems. Or perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised? We shall see. But you may rest assured, I will blog my adventure right here.


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