And we change distros yet again

I have recently tried Fedora and Ubuntu, in a sudden fever of “distrotryoutitis”, and I don’t really like either of them to be frank. I am obviously not a Linux expert or anything, just another clueless “user” who ocassionally posts braindumps on his pointless blog. But for what it’s worth, this is what I think:

I disliked the Ubuntu installer, even though it asks but a minimum of questions. Which is great if the installer is brilliant and autodetects everything correctly. But it didn’t, so after the installation was done, I was forced to correct all the stupid mistakes anyway. It did come with a madwifi module for my wireless card, but it didn’t work on my system. Perhaps I am an idiot, but I do seem to get madwifi working on pretty much every other system I’ve tried, including KNOPPIX 3.9 which is also a Debian based LiveCD. I did like the theme though. Maybe Canonical should just distribute that instead. ;) Just kidding. I’m sure Ubuntu will really get it right in one of the next releases, but untill then, it’s not for me.

With Fedora, you need repositories for 3rd party software and modules. When you use this method, dependency resolution is handled quite well by YUM. But you cannot get every bit of software this way, which may expose you to liberal quantities of manual recursive dependency resolving unpleasantness.

Regarding SELinux: maybe it’s great for (web)servers, but apparantly the (default) SELinux “targeted” policy only deals with a limited number of the programs/daemons. Everything else running in user space is run just like on a normal linux based system. SELinux is the future, I’m sure. But untill it really matures into something that works for everyone (and is ubiquitously supported by software developers), and is implemented by almost all distributions, I am just going to keep using only DAC and be very carefull about what services I run and what programs I install (which should be default behavior anyway, even when you’re using SELinux).

And now, I think I’m going to re-install Arch Linux, which is still my favorite distribution for the desktop.


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