Tempus fugit

How time flies! Or as the pedantics say: tempus fugit! I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked, but still. It has been one month today since I started this blog, and my blog has received a good deal more visitors than I was expecting. Over 1230 hits to date, which may not be a lot for big internet sites, but for a nobody like myself seems quite a lot. I was expecting about three hits per month, just to put things into perspective. According to the statistics, it’s all mostly thanks to the Fedora wireless howto I posted (I think with the right search string, it’s even the top search result in google!), which confirms my observation that setup information for wireless networks is still quite difficult to find for Fedora users. Anyway, I hope it helped someone, but of course I also hope that the next release of Fedora will fix the problems I had.

By the way, I do realise I have posted quite a lot of technical GNU/Linux stuff, but rest assured I will be posting on just about every subject I find interesting (such as maple syrup). I may even post howtos involving Microsoft’s Windows XP *gasp* and Apple’s OS X! (And yes, it’s “Windows”, not “Micro$uck$”, “Window$”, “Winblow$”, “M$” or what have you. Such childishness, I think.)
I just thought I’d mention this, just in case some people are reading my stuff under the misapprehension that they are dealing with a technical GNU/Linux blog or something.

In any case, here’s to the next month!

With regards to the “fugit” in the Latin phrase “tempus fugit”, it actually means “flees” instead of “flies”, which I suppose makes sense when you investigate the etymology of the word “fugitive”.


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