Only Sony

Less than three years ago I bought a Sony television, for well over €500,-
The model in question is called KV25FX30, which apparantly is Sony’s way of saying “25 inch screen”.

Then something truly amazing happened. It broke. For no apparant reason, so I sent it over to be repaired. Allthough it is no longer covered by the warranty, I did not expect the repair to cost too much as it is still an almost brand new TV. Well it certainly looks brand new anyway. Then, after three weeks, we get a call from a technician, telling us what this thing is going to cost us: €270,-

Excuse me? Two hundred and seventy euros? I don’t even want to know how much that is in US dollars. But if you want to know, it’s THIS MUCH! A quick search revealed that this is MORE than what the TV is worth. A complete write-off, in less than three years! That’s amazing.

But this is not our first Sony TV. We had another one before this one, which was outlasted by every other TV we have owned: a Philips and two Panasonics.

And then I remembered the news. Dell recently recalled 4mln batteries, and shortly thereafter Apple recalls 1.8mln batteries. Guess what they all have in common? They’re all made by Sony! And which company installed a rootkit on computers, when you played one of their CDs? Again, Sony!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to see a nasty pattern here. Or maybe it’s because I’m just very angry right now, I don’t know.


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