Buying a notebook in the Netherlands without Windows XP pre-installed

As the title suggests, this post is for all my fellow countrymen looking for a laptop that does not come preinstalled with any software. It is extremely difficult to find PC hardware stores in this country, but also in many other countries, that will sell you a computer without Windows XP. But I finally found a webshop here in the Netherlands that sells “barebone” Asus, Compal, Gigabyte and MSI notebooks. And much to my surprise, they allow their customers to decide for themselves whether they want Windows XP installed!

The store is called laptops4u* (*see update below), and while I am not currently planning to buy a laptop, if I ever do decide to buy one, there is a good chance it will be from this store (unless I choose a Macbook of course). My only problem is that you *must* buy the pixel guarantee, which will cost 49 euros extra.

I say “must”, because if you _don’t_ buy this guarantee, you will invariably receive the next defective laptop to be returned by the other person who _did_ buy the extra guarantee. And I think the amount of money you are paying for the laptop ought to be more than enough, to get a pixel-perfect screen! But maybe that’s just me.

The link to the laptops4u store is no longer working, as they have gone bankrupt. Thus, I have removed it.


One Response to Buying a notebook in the Netherlands without Windows XP pre-installed

  1. ashwni says:

    how can i buy a cheep and good branded (Sony ,Dell or HP or tosiba)laptop in gronongen (netherland) ?

    we are coming to attend a seminar in groningen medical university

    please tell me the location of computer shops from the medical university

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