Upgrading RAM memory on the Toshiba Tecra 8000

Thursday, 31 August 2006

I have though about upgrading the memory on my Tecra 8000 laptop for some time. Right now I have two 64MB SODIMMs installed in the two available memory banks, but this is just barely enough for a “modern” system. Right now I have the old Windows 2000 installed, and it’s not enough. Even when I had Arch Linux installed, 128MB RAM was not quite enough to run GNOME, which is why I used Fluxbox instead. So today I placed the order.

Yet one might wonder whether more memory is really worth the investment? Well, the 128MB pc66 SODIMMs required cost €74, which is quite acceptable compared to the value of the laptop. I could probably use pc100 modules as well, and save a little money there, as they are cheaper. But since I’m ordering online, I really *must* have complete assurance that the modules will work, or else it may end up costing me more time and money than it’s worth.

But I also bought a new hard drive for €70 just a few days ago, which adds to the cost. Is the upgrade worth the total sum of €144? No, I don’t think so. But this is not the way I look at it. The hard drive can just as easily be removed again and with a special casing be used as an external storage device. So whenever the laptop becomes unusable, for reasons other than hard disk failure, I can easily salvage the drive and use it just fine without the laptop.

I have never removed/installed SODIMMs before, so should be interesting to see if I can do it without breaking anything. One thing old hardware is good for: learning!

Read more about how the memory upgrade is going over HERE