Why does the western world prefer hinged doors that swing open? I don’t get it. I want sliding doors! No one will slam with doors which use a sliding mechanism, I *hate* it when people slam a door shut. With sliding doors, you can finally keep the doors in the house open, and the draft will not shut the doors. It is also a stronger design (no hinges, possible integration into walls) so it is more difficult for burglars to open. It would also be far easier to automate the opening and closing of the door, if desired. This is in fact why many shops and garages use sliding doors! There is also much less wind resistance when you open the door: it is easier. It is also completely impossible to injure a person, or small child, who happens to be standing behind the door when you open it. They’ve been using them in Japan for several years now, and they seem to be working just fine! So why are we in the West still using these stupid old hinged models?


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