Perplexing font problem….

This problem I’m having with the bold font has me stumped. I have edited my fonts.conf to include the following rule:

[match target="font"]
[test compare="more_eq" name="weight" qual="any"]
[test compare="more_eq" name="pixelsize" qual="any"]
[edit mode="assign" name="antialias"]

(P.S. I’ve had to replace the angled brackets because otherwise the xml tags apparently get parsed as html code or something and then are no longer displayed.)
That should definitely make every font thicker than medium antialiased. And indeed, that appears to be the case. Except for those damn fonts on this wordpress edit page I’m on right now. Are they non-bold, perhaps, in spite of looking quite fat? That would be extremely inconvenient. But I will next make *every* font antialiased to rule that out. If that cures the problem, then it opens up a new one: I don’t want to antialias every font! So how the hell would I discriminate between just THIS font type that’s causing me trouble, and every other font that looks just fine? It would of course help to know what this font is called, but I don’t even know that.
On the other hand, if antialiasing all fonts does NOT cure the problem, then what kind of font am I dealing with here? Some kind of Bastard Font from Hell?
Grrrrrr!!!!!! To be continued…


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