Ubuntu 6.10 Beta: a very little review

After upgrading my Ubuntu 6.06.1 installation to “Edgy Eft”, I noticed a significant speed increase in … well just about everything really. But there are many things I still don’t like, and which I *hope* will be fixed in the final release.

To begin with, the graphics card in my laptop does not handle 24bit color. The graphics slow to a crawl, and playing movies is right out. But when I’m using the Flash 7 mozilla-plugin, it crashes Firefox “Bon Echo” immediately on loading a Flash site, UNLESS I run Xorg in 24bit color. Which is not an option. So I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Isn’t life nice?

Also, the provided Totem plugin does not work well. Neither with gstreamer or xine engines, no matter what extra codecs and what-not I install. Neither does the mplayerplug-in, but I’ll try building that myself, just to be sure.

And then the wireless connection. It has definitely gotten worse, the connection sometimes drops. Is it the restricted madwifi module? The kernel? The wpa_supplicant daemon? The gnome-networkmanager? I don’t know. And I don’t want to know. What universal knowledge or eternal wisdom will I gain from figuring out for myself which is broken? None. The system is “just” a tool to achieve an objective. I repeat: a tool, a tool, a TOOL! I do not study tools, I USE them. But I hope this is just a temporary situation until the final release this month.

To summarize: Boy, does everything load faster! The GNOME menu is a lot snappier, OpenOffice starts up twice as fast, Firefox loads much faster. Everything looks nice. And while it’s still getting me nowhere, at least it’s getting me there faster than ever before!


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