Surrender monkey

Looks like I’m a “cheese eatin’ surrender monkey”, because I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up this morning I got a big hangover, and I discovered my laptop was running Ubuntu 6.10 Beta again. But there’s a difference between this installation of Ubuntu 6.10 and the last time I upgraded to 6.10….a big difference.

Because now allmost everything works! I have internet explorer 6 with flash 9, I have mplayer playing all over the place (thanks to the “noembed=1” option, which I also tried the last time, but somehow didn’t work then), I have a functional read/write-able external ntfs formatted USB drive thanks to (the admittedly very slow) ntfs-3g being added to the repos (pmount/hal do not yet automount this thing, but I have found a possible solution for that too). The font problem is also completely solved now, although I have NO idea what the hell solved it. The printer works, the windows smb shares can be accessed, I JUST installed hellanzb, which automates the binary side of usenet usage, and I’ll live with the pan newsreader for everything else.

In short, Ubuntu went from being a completely useless piece of crap to a completely superior system in a day! Why did it have to be this difficult? I suspect the upgrade from 6.06 LTS went very, very wrong…somewhere. Anyway, I’m very pleased with the way it is going now.


4 Responses to Surrender monkey

  1. Hi, you should pick a more readable font for your blog. I had problems reading your content and I have almost perfect sight!

    Anyhow: Everyone have problems with Ubuntu and hard drive partitioning. Really! Just look in the official forums and half of the posts will be about hard drive issues! I hope this will be improved in 6.10 final.

  2. Menzonius says:

    That’s strange, the fonts look fine on my screen, and I wear glasses so strong you could probably use them to see the moons of Jupiter on a clear night! But even if the fonts looked bad on my screen too, I’m afraid I have no control over them as I cannot edit the CSS (you need to pay money to to be able to use your own CSS, and unfortunately I’m a broke lazy freeloader ;-). But thanks anyway for the suggestion!

  3. szaka says:

    When do you experience ntfs-3g slowness exactly? This is very unusual. Could you give as much info as you can? Here are also some tips:

  4. Menzonius says:

    No problem, I hope the following information helps. I’m using a Toshiba Tecra 8000 with 196MB RAM and 400Mhz Pentium II. The slowness only seems to occur when I play a video from the USB hard drive, otherwise data transfer seems to go fine. The symptom is that the playback with mplayer becomes a bit jerky. I have just tested with the same ~90MB movie, and when I’m using the kernel driver (sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/lacie -t ntfs -o ro,umask=0000,users) playback is smooth. The jerky playback seems to get worse with bigger movies, as I noticed when I tested a movie of ~700MB. This time mplayer also warned me that my system is too slow.
    I hope that helps!

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