the solution to the automatic par2 verifying and rar unpacking problem?

Finally, I have found a possible solution! Whilst searching on google, yet again, for a program that will automatically verify par2 files and extract rar files, I came across a program called “newsunpack”. It is written by someone named “Freddie”, who is clearly a highly competent python coder, have a look at the website “MadCowDisease“.
His program makes something like this possible, which I have not been able to do with hellanzb:

~$ ls ./*.par2 | while read par ; \
do /usr/local/bin/ -d "$par" ; done

Or something along those lines, this is just an example, I have not tested this command. But if is in the specified path, and made executable, then I *think* that should verify/fix and extract all rar files with par2 recovery blocks (in the directory wherein it is executed) and deletes all the rar/par2 files afterwards.

In any case, this forms an excellent basis for a script so simple, even an idiot like myself will probably be able to write it without too many awful mistakes. Perhaps, if I manage to write it, I will post it here, for your entertainment. ;)


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