Fedora Core 6: the installation

I’m installing Fedora Core 6 on my old laptop right now, just a few more CDs to go. Everything seems to be going quite smooth, except that I am unable to use the GUI install mode. It started whining about lack of RAM and then just fired up the text based installer instead. Funny thing is, even SuSE 10.2 managed to start up the GUI installer after enabling swap, and SuSE is probably just about as resource intensive as Fedora. So as far as installing is concerned, the score is: SuSE 1 – Fedora 0

Well, the installation is over. What a disappointment. After reboot I am dumped in text mode again, so I need to start GDM manually. Graphics are working fine, so WHY all this unpleasantness? After all, I am using Fedora to eliminate the need for access to terminals. If I wanted it otherwise, I would have installed Slackware et.al. Sound doesn’t work, nor does the sound configuration utility I’m supposed to use. There is ZERO wireless support, and the desktop icons are boring. Fedora Core 6 is not for me.

Still, I have seen that the next version (Fedora 7) will feature “rock solid” wireless support. That sounds very promising. And perhaps they’ll improve the looks of the system too. But for now, all I am going to think about is which distro to try next. I’m a bit of a junkie that way.


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