Switching to FuzzyType ™

I have formulated a very cunning plan that cannot possibly fail. You see, every time I install another GNU/Linux distro, I whine interminably complain a little about the fuzzy fonts. So what I’ve done is the following: I’ve made the fonts in Windows XP fuzzy too! Thanks to Microsoft’s ClearType ™ technology, the fonts look like crap right now (though it is said that making them fuzzy like this helps improve readability). The reason I am putting up with this, is that a lot of people who do not have high DPI LCD’s, still seem to prefer fuzzier fonts for some reason.

So I thought about this a little, and then came up with the idea of suffering cleartype fuzzieness for a whole month! During that time I intend to see if I can get used to this type of font rendering. And if it works, there will be no more need for very extensive and tedious editing of XML files, etc, to make the Linux fonts look like the non-antialiased Windows fonts. Yay!
I only hope this works.



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