Update on the NTP problem

I found the file “/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/ntp” and it should re-run the “/etc/init.d/ntp” script when NetworkManager configures the network. Only it doesn’t seem to be working. Since I have verified that the ntp init script works, I must conclude that either the ntp script in …/dispatcher.d/ is not being called, or the condition it tests for evaluates to false. Very strange. Unless I’m mistaken about the way this script works, my problem shouldn’t really exist. And yet it does. Curious, indeed.
I’ll change it a bit, just to see what happens.


3 Responses to Update on the NTP problem

  1. Hi,

    here is a ugly workaround for the NetworkManager ntpd problem. The original script doesn’t work. Use

    case “$2” in
    /etc/init.d/ntp restart
    /etc/init.d/ntp restart
    exit 0



  2. manito says:


    The problem is with ntpd really. Seems that during boot, while no network connection is established yet, ntpd gets confused and hangs around doing essentially nothing.

    The NetworkManager Hook tries to restart but this restart actually just manages to finally kill off the old hanging process(es).

    So to solve the problem (it seems so until now at least) just add a “/etc/init.d/ntp stop” followed by a “killall -9 ntpd” (just to be sure) and change the “/etc/init.d/ntp restart” to “/etc/init.d/ntp start”.

    Please feel free to try it yourself to confirm and if time permits write a new blogentry explaining the whole stuff for others.


  3. Menzonius says:

    Thank you both for your tips! But since posting this entry I’ve installed Ubuntu over the OpenSuSE installation, which means I am unable to try the solutions you have suggested. Nevertheless, I hope that others who encounter this blog entry on their quest for a solution to the ntp problem, will also read the comments and find your solutions that way.
    Thanks again!

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