Yay: fuse loads on boot!

It was my last option, and I still think it’s an illogical kludge, but it works. I once again ran the /etc/sysconfig editor, and went to System >> kernel. There I was able to get through openSUSE’s thick skull and convince it that loading the “fuse” module is actually a Good Idea ™. Doubly so when people like myself install programs such as ntfs-3g and fusesmb, that cannot possibly run without the fuse module.

So how about a dialog next time I install fuse? Just a warning that fuse may not be good for the system, perhaps include a like to a website with more details, and then present these three options:

  1. Abort the installation of fuse
  2. Install fuse, but do not load it on boot
  3. Install fuse, and load it on boot

Or something like that. Whatever. I’m going to watch Seinfeld now.


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