Installed openSUSE with beryl

I’ve decided that I like the openSUSE KDE interface too much to wait for Fedora core 7 to arrive. There have been problems, again. Small problems with repositories. Big problems with beryl. But now it’s all working, and let me tell you right now that the effects Beryl provides are spectacular! Let me also tell you right now that the instructions on the openSUSE wiki are total crap slightly inaccurate for my hardware configuration. I got the same dreaded white screen, that so many other people before me have experienced and submitted bugreports for.
I’ve since accidentally discovered that on my system (AMD Athlon XP 2600, 512MB RAM, nvidia GeForce FX5700), I sortof need to combine the instructions of all three setup methods on the openSUSE wiki. You need to have the packages installed as instructed in the Xgl section, you need to configure your graphics card as instructed in the nVidia/AIGLX section, and then you need to disable Xgl as instructed in the Xorg/AIGLX section. I also needed to correct the editing mistakes made by the nvidia-xconfig utility, as it wrote the driver options to the screen section, instead of the device section!!! Whew!
By the way, the page I’m talking about can be found HERE.

But after that, it works. And did I mention it looks spectacular? It really does!


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