Free broadband internet!

It seems is now freely distributing fiberoptic broadband connections. That means *you* can become your own ISP! This could be the next internet revolution! Just have a look right here: Google TiSP (BETA)
It includes everything you need, like a high speed fiber-optic cable. And it’s even vacuum-sealed, to prevent water damage. The vacuum-seal is probably also needed to keep the connection fresh, as I have found that stale and mouldy connections are a frequent problem with normal ISPs. It looks like Google have really thought this through.
I urge everyone to try it!


2 Responses to Free broadband internet!

  1. Karl says:

    This might be a joke but there must be some truth to it. Google’s recent purchase of “dark fiber’ has caused much speculation why they’d need the bandwidth. Many have already speculated that Google is getting into ISP business. So Google offering wireless service is not that far off.

    [link removed]

  2. Menzonius says:

    Hi Karl,

    I’m afraid I do not permit posting links to commercial websites, personal homepages and the like are fine. So that’s why I removed the links in your message, I hope you’ll understand.
    Anyway, this was a very good april fool’s joke indeed ;) And I think you’re right: no doubt they have chosen the TiSP (Toilet ISP) joke precisely because of the rumors of google planning to branch into the ISP market.

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