HOWTO: Ubuntu, Ogg Vorbis and the aoTuV patch

NOTE: As I am trying to learn LaTeX, I have produced this how-to entirely with LaTeX and Kile. As a result, the document is compiled in the ubiquitous pdf format. Another reason is that WordPress doesn’t understand the meaning of verbatim: when I use code tags, I don’t expect anything in there to be interpreted by wordpress, but to displayed *literally as I have written it*! But this is not what happens. A good example is the less-than symbol “<“: you can’t just hit the less-than symbol on your keyboard and be done, instead you have to use a special code. It’s ridiculous!

Anyway, here is the pdf: Vorbis-aoTuVBeta5

Recently, I have been experiencing problems with the upload feature here on WordPress. But when I checked the pdf link this morning, it appeared to have fixed itself for some reason. Maybe it was a temporary problem? Only time will tell.


One Response to HOWTO: Ubuntu, Ogg Vorbis and the aoTuV patch

  1. […] ainda usar a versão optimizada do codec Vorbis a aoTuV, embora eu nunca a use, aqui têm como usá-la em formato pdf e […]

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