Changed the language

I’ve been seeing a steady decline in readers of my blog entries, probably due to the fact that I don’t keep adding new material on a regular basis. Fair enough, perhaps it’s time for a change then.

I think part of the reason for my declining output is that English isn’t my native tongue. I like to think that my mastery of the English composition is such, that I do not easily get misunderstood by native speakers of the language. But beyond the technical GNU/Linux mumbo-jumbo, I still find that I am unable to express myself with the same eloquence as when writing in Dutch.

And now, after having given the problem some thought, I have decided to make Dutch the main language here. Posts that will contain Linux commands, such as a how-to for example, will still be in English. Anything else will be in Dutch. Since I intend the “anything else” part to dominate the entries, I have adjusted the language options of this blog accordingly.

Let’s see if that changes anything.


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