Solaris “Nevada” build 70 also fails to install: I give up

I tried installing Solaris Express Community Edition, code name “Nevada”, build 70. And this time I got a different error, which ended with the following statement:

Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory

After a bit of searching, I have discovered that it is likely caused by an incorrect build of GRUB. If I am correct, this will require rebuilding GRUB and creating a new ISO altogether. Translation: I cannot install this build of Solaris Express, at all, no matter how much I stamp my feet. I have to wait for build 71 to be released. But I am not going to.

It is becoming clear to me that older systems, such as mine, are to OpenSolaris developers what bugs are to windshields. They clearly don’t care, or it is so low on their priority list that they don’t even bother testing builds on these kind of systems. It may be worth noting that, yet again, it worked like a charm on my Athlon XP system.

This is ridiculous, are they just making it up as they go along? I know they make no guarantees regarding stability and such, but I am basing my choice on the HCL and the system requirements. That means I do not expect it to fly on my slow laptop, but it should at least install.

Why waste my time with incorrect minimum system requirements and outdated HCL entries? Or are these purely theoretical system requirements, for arm-chair computer enthusiasts to run on imaginary systems?

If this is the future of what SUN is touting as the “world’s most advanced operating system”, then I do not predict a very bright future. At least, it will be quite some time before I even think about trying OpenSolaris again.


2 Responses to Solaris “Nevada” build 70 also fails to install: I give up

  1. Ananth says:

    I have to agree that Hardware support for older platforms is something OpenSolaris is not good at. But have you visited the opensolaris discussion forums and reported the error you have faced ? You *must* log a bug if you want it fixed :-) It is one of the ways of contributing back to free and opensource software.

    Circa 2001, when I had no trouble installing Windows XP on my comp, I tried 20+ times before I could get RedHat Linux installed and working. To this day I don’t regret the frustrating time I spent on it ;-)

  2. Menzonius says:

    Of course I understand open-source projects like these thrive on feedback from the users, the entry above was more of a rant out of frustration really ;-)

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