Wound infection

Saturday, 19 August 2006

[NOTE] => I warn the reader beforehand: there will be content in this post of moderately disgusting nature, relating to a small injury. See also title for a hint. You have been warned!

It started two days ago, when both my feet slipped (very peculiar), causing me to fall down the stairs at home. Fortunately, I managed to stop the uncontrollable and involuntary descent quickly enough, by dragging my hands behind me like a pair of anchors. I nonetheless managed to slightly injure the middlefinger of my left hand during this emergency braking procedure. That is because there is a thin carpet on the stairs, and the friction caused a mild redness with a light burning sensation to develop on my finger. No bleeding or blisters, and only a very small area appeared to be affected. Nothing serious, I thought. So I thought no more of the matter.

But two days later, there is a darker redness around the wound. A wound which is now open with somewhat elevated edges and a depression in the wound area. It feels like there is a mass inside when I squeeze it. Probably the clear wound fluid that I see coming out. I am disinfecting the hell out of it, using a povidone iodine solution and also cleaning the wound thoroughy with hydrogenperoxide. I do not experience noticeable weakness or fever, or spreading of the redness, or (worse) signs of rotting tissue. The wound does not (yet) have a pugnant smell, but I am going to call my GP monday morning. Unless the infection shows clear signs of improvement before then.

So what have we learned today?
We have learned that when we injure ourselves, we should always clean the wound and utilize a suitable disinfectant, no matter how small and insignificant the wound may seem.